Financial aid to boost your MOBILITY PROJECT

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A rite of passage, an inevitable step, a search for the holy grail, whatever you may call it, living abroad is a key stage in your life as a student. Make the most of this opportunity to take part in your dream project or make that special goal a reality and add an extra line to your cv!

Unfortunately, since last spring, many students have seen their mobility plans thwarted by the health crisis. With the UPGRADE operation, ESC Clermont BS is committed to its students by offering them a 500€ grant.

Register online before the 30th June 2021. You do not have to give any exact details at this point (type of project, date, place).

As soon as you have made your final decision, make a short presentation video on VisioTalent and send us your latest CV in English.

Once the two previous steps have been validated by the UPGRADE committee, you just need to finalise your plans. Contact Audrey ESTEVES, Head of International Relations for help.

UPGRADE, for whom and why?

ESC Clermont Business School 2021

4 Steps to UPGRADE

Why are we offering a 500€ grant?

To help you to ‘up-grade’ your cv and make your mobility project for 2021 - 2022 a reality.

* Except international students already taking part in an exchange program at ESC Clermont and students of the MSc programs.
** The UPGRADE grant does not cover any travel to the country of origin/residence of international students.

All students enrolled at ESC Clermont BS in 2020-21 are eligible*

Am I Eligible?

To be eligible, the length of your stay abroad** must be for a minimum period of 2 months and must involve one of the following:

A semester or a one-year double degree program in one of our partner institutions abroad.

A semester or a one-year degree program in a non-partner university institution abroad.

A work placement or work contract abroad.

A humanitarian mission or a personal project (world trip, trek..)

NB: This experience should take place during your studies (before completing your degree) or at the end for your studies in 2021.

Enjoy your trip and your experience abroad. Send us a postcard or post a comment on the ESC Clermont BS Instagram page and receive your 500€ grant* (*proof of your departure required).

In the meantime, take a moment to travel with Jessica and ESC Clermont BS students. Watch the latest episode of the "Va voir ailleurs si j'étudie" (A World of Studies) series.

 Padova, Italy !

The 9th episode of our study-abroad web-series takes us to our visit ESC Clermont BS students at The University of Padova, Italy. 

Jessica, a graduate of ESC Clermont BS and professional travel blogger on the “Mes ptits bouts du monde” (My little world-tour) channel, reveals the daily life of these students who are studying abroad.. She spends a whole week with them to film their adventures.

Link to the full series

Before the 30th June 2021

Register online